Curvenote supports and automatically renders LaTeX\LaTeX math symbols in either inline math or distinct equations. When equations are created, they can also be numbered and referenced within the text.

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Inline MathĀ¶

You can create math equations inline with the rest of your text in Curvenote such as: āˆ«abx2ā€‰dx\int_{a}^{b} x^2 \,dx. Inline math can be created using


You can also create stand-alone equations that can be numbered and referenced throughout your text:

x=āˆ’bĀ±b2āˆ’4ac2ax = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}

Equations can be created using

  • Editing Toolbar ā†’ āž• Insert Menu ā†’ Ī£\bf{\Sigma} Equation Block
  • Command Menu / ā†’ Equation
  • Keyboard shortcut $$

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Equations can be referenced by their numbers within the text using either the command menu or keyboard shortcuts. To reference an equation use one of the following two commands:

/link to equation [[eq:

Then select the equation you want to reference from the drop down menu. When you click on the reference a preview of the equation is displayed.

Learn about Internal References.