We founded Curvenote to help scientists, researchers and engineers accelerate the speed of scientific discovery.

We believe that the tools for sharing, thinking and writing should be linked to data and computation. We believe in continual review, evolving ideas together, and communicating in living documents.

We obsess over the feedback loops that connect discovery to communication because we believe that the collaborative evolution of ideas is key to increasing the relevance and pace of scientific breakthroughs.

We are starting by building a text editor for modern science.

If you believe like we do that the way we communicate science should be more inspired, get in touch and join us on our journey.

Our Mission

To modernize how researchers collaborate and share their work — to accelerate discovery by enabling connections.

Our Vision

Free science from static documents.

About Us

Curvenote sits at the intersection of scientific collaboration, publishing, and technology. We believe how we share and communicate scientific knowledge should evolve past the status quo of print-based publishing and all the limitations of paper.

Curvenote Team
Rowan Cockett
Rowan Cockett, PhD
Cofounder & CEO

A technology entrepreneur with a background in computational geophysics and a drive to make technical content engaging through interactivity.

Steve Purves
Steve Purves
Cofounder & CTO

An experienced technology leader, building software teams and products in diverse industries of finance, electronic manufacturing, geoscience, and healthcare.

Yuxi Wang
Yuxi Wang
Senior Software Developer

An experienced developer who is passionate about creating performant, robust, and delightful solutions to complex problems.

Franklin Koch, MSc
Lead Software Developer

A background in geophysics and interactive computing with a passion for improving scientific communication.

Lindsey Heagy
Lindsey Heagy, PhD
Science Advisor

A researcher on a mission to make her science accessible, Lindsey seeks to inspire others with her reproducible notebooks and interactive textbooks.

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