Science deserves better than a PDF

Our origin story

We founded Curvenote to help scientists, researchers and engineers accelerate the speed of scientific discovery.

Science is inherently collaborative, and we build on each other's work. But publishing is often competitive, lonely, and strained through old technology. We can make writing & publishing your science more impactful, and more fun. 🥳

How we work:

💬 Collaborative

Science is a team sport. We put collaboration and community at the heart of everything we do.

🔓 Open & Accessible

We come from building open communities, open-source software, and working on open standards. Science needs to be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

A community of researchers

Free science from static documents

Our Secret Plan

Help build a common markup language for scientific articles with an open source community. Learn about MyST Markdown...
Create an easy-to-use document editor to help you author scientific articles (including data and computation), built on open source markup. See Curvenote's features...
Partner with societies and lab groups to help them publish and share their communities work faster in next-generation journals with interactive, reusable components. See journals...
Help build cross-community connections of reusable, open-science components that are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. Read about our mission...

Help create a future where every scientific article is...

Pick up and reuse any figure, code block, or narrative explanation quickly across your own projects — and someday across all scientific papers.
Learn science by exploring data. Interactive figures, videos, audio — anything to aid understanding.
Every article, even as a draft, will be embedded in the community of people who study that thing — allowing continuous feedback.
Research ideas should be linked to data, programs, and computational environments — facilitating reproducibility.
User-friendly authoring tools and a supportive, constructive publishing experience that's just more fun.
Open access is just the beginning. We want to make every piece of science permanently accessible and readable in many formats.

Built & designed by your fellow researchers

Rowan Cockett
Rowan Cockett, PhD
Cofounder & CEO

A technology entrepreneur with a background in computational geophysics and a drive to make technical content engaging through interactivity.

Steve Purves
Steve Purves
Cofounder & CTO

An experienced technology leader, building software teams and products in diverse industries of finance, electronic manufacturing, geoscience, and healthcare.

Franklin Koch, MSc
Lead Software Developer

A background in geophysics and interactive computing with a passion for improving scientific communication.

Mike Morrison, PhD
Lead UX Researcher

Mike's goal in life is to make science easier for scientists to do. He started the #betterposter movement, and has backgrounds in both web software development and research psychology.

Lindsey Heagy
Lindsey Heagy, PhD
Science Advisor

A researcher on a mission to make her science accessible, Lindsey seeks to inspire others with her reproducible notebooks and interactive textbooks.

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