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Seamless connection to Jupyter

Work in Jupyter and then link selected outputs to your Curvenote workspace to share for review, re-use or comment.

Stay connected to the source, while communicating technical information in a way that makes sense for your audience.

Curvenote For Jupyter

Collaborative technical writing

Create and edit technical content in a real-time text editor – including figures, equations, and interactive elements from Jupyter.

Update content effortlessly

Use blocks to quickly create, share, remix and update content across all your documents.

Organize and share

Organize your Curvenote workspace to suit your private team – or share your work with the world.

Export to PDF, LaTeX & Markdown

You can export your content to PDF and LaTeX and copy your content easily to Markdown.
Word export coming soon.

Collaborate and review in context

Team members work where they need to – in the code or in the content – and give and receive feedback where they are.

No matter where a comment is made it stays linked to the original source (including Jupyter Notebooks), and remains part of the content’s history.

Make your work accessible

The best work happens when everyone can make a contribution, so it’s easy to organize Curvenote projects to suit your team and their different roles.

Anyone can create beautiful reports, articles, papers or summaries for project stakeholders and external audiences.

A Community of Researchers

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You can hit the ground running with Curvenote, start now!

Integrate with your favourite tools

Jupyter the way you want

Whether you're working using Amazon Sagemaker, SaturnCloud, Binder, locally, or on your custom cluster or hub – Curvenote is there.

Share the history

When you share notebooks (e.g. through DropBox or email), versions and comments go too.

Play nice with Git

Notebooks are hard to version in git.
Curvenote's version control adds metadata to your notebooks to help you version outputs and share cells across repositories.

Interactive visualizations

From Plotly, Altair, Bokeh, Leaflet and more.

API and Python Clitent

Set up custom integrations with Curvenote’s API.
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Get involved in making Curvenote better

We’re building a community and resources to help us improve Curvenote and make working with all your other tools much easier. Help us test new features and find out what’s on the roadmap.

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