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A beautiful writing tool designed for technical writing, connected to Jupyter.
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Technical writing, reimagined

Write an article, report, or scientific paper and easily include citations, references, equations and figures.

Export your work to any professional template in seconds for the perfect finish.

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Curvenote for Writing

Collaborative writing

Create and edit technical content in real-time – including figures, equations, references, citations and interactive plots from Jupyter.

Professional templates

Focus on your research knowing that you can export your articles and notebooks to any PDF or LaTeX template.

Organize your work

Your work is so much more than the final paper or report. Keep meeting notes, notebooks, and articles all in one place with cross-references and imports.

Make any article interactive

Curvenote bridges the gap between data-scientists and other stakeholders, so you can keep everyone updated on the latest findings.

Connect your in-depth analysis in Jupyter directly to any Curvenote article keeping visualizations interactive and versioned.

Connect to Jupyter
Curvenote for Jupyter

Reproducible research

Link your figures back to your Jupyter Notebook. When you update or comment on the figure it updates wherever you use it!

Import blocks

With a flexible block based structure, you can edit your content once and reuse those figures, equations or paragraphs in other documents. It is copy-and-paste with super powers.

Interactive & explorable

Share your interactive figures from Jupyter Notebooks - like Plotly, Bokeh, Altair, Leaflet and more!

Publish your work with ease

Publish directly with Curvenote for an interactive report or export to any professional template.
There's never been a better way to create your next article or report.

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Curvenote blog

Communicating Science

We are starting Curvenote because we believe that the introduction of tools and platforms that provide feedback loops between working and sharing will accelerate the speed of scientific discovery.

Version Control for Scientists

At Curvenote we are exploring version control and collaboration workflows that are designed specifically for the research workflow. We are thinking about what a “unit of content” is for these workflows, how that content is updated, modified and reused in other documents and presentations.

Research Workflows

There are multiple ways to integrate Curvenote into your existing workflows: from introducing it in your preliminary research, to recording in-progress research and meeting notes, to publishing manuscripts. This blog series interviews Dr. Lindsey Heagy about how she uses Curvenote.

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