Curvenote offers a Jupyter Chrome extension, which connects your Jupyter Notebooks and Curvenote articles for easy versioning, commenting, and collaborating with your team.

Video Demo 📺

Installing the Jupyter Chrome extension

To install the Curvenote Jupyter extension:

  • Visit the Curvenote website using Google Chrome browser
  • In the Curvenote webpage banner, select FOR JUPYTER
  • Select INSTALL NOW; this will take you to the Chrome extension web store
  • Select Add to Chrome
  • Select Add extension

The Curvenote extension will now appear in your browser.

Once the extension has been added, you will need to sign in to your Curvenote account to use it.

Signing into your Curvenote account

To sign in:

  • Select the Curvenote icon in the Chrome browser banner
  • Sign in using your Google account, or with your Curvenote username and password

Now you can go to any Jupyter environment, whether it’s running locally or on a server, and select Refresh to view the Curvenote extension in that environment.