You can update the notebook URL, title, description, Binder URL, and/or thumbnail from Curvenote. To update the notebook settings:

  • Click EDIT in the top left to enter Draft Mode.
  • Access the notebook block settings, either
    • Click \mathbf{\vdots} in the app bar to open the Page Options menu.
      • Select ⚙️ Settings.
    • Click \vdots to the right of the notebook title to open the Options menu.
      • Select ⚙️ Block Settings.
  • Update the URL, title, description, and/or Binder URL

Adding a Binder URL will add a Launch Binder button to the top right of your notebook when viewed in the Curvenote editor. Removing the URL will remove the button. Learn more about Binder + Curvenote Curvenote & Binder.


  • Access Notebook Settings
  • Scroll down to Thumbnail
    • Browse or drag and drop an image from your computer
    • Use the image editor to position your image
    • Click UPLOAD IMAGE