Collaborate in Jupyter and Beyond

Add comments & versioning in real-time to your Jupyter Notebooks, without changing your infrastructure.

How it Works
Alternative Text

Install the Jupyter Extension for Chrome

Comments for Jupyter

Add a comment in CurveNote, and that shows up wherever you are using Jupyter.

Whether you’re working locally, on your custom cluster or hub, or on the cloud with Binder, Amazon Sagemaker, Saturn Cloud or otherwise — CurveNote is there.

Notebook Version Control

All content, shared anywhere, remains connected to the source it came from, with a full version history – including the outputs.

Figures and interactive elements used in multiple places are all updated when the source changes.


No need to change your infrastructure to add collaboration to Jupyter. Install the Chrome Extension and you can be up and running with collaboration and version control in 5 minutes.


Compare your changes instantly directly in your notebook. Changes from your collaborators show up in real time.

Share with the Whole team

Share Jupyter Notebooks with your collaborators so your whole team can contribute. The real time editor in CurveNote allows non-technical team members to add comments and edit content.

From the Community

The continuous stream of new features has been impressive! By far the most interesting for me is being able to share interactive plots and comment on them, it has streamlined my review process to no end!

Data Scientist

What makes it different than a GoogleDocs or Overleaf is the ability to bring Jupyter Notebooks into the projects and use individual blocks from those files in an article. The cool part is you aren't copying the blocks but actually using them and the comments and changes are linked back to those files.

Geophysics Consultant

Working with a team of experts in multiple countries, we have been able to easily iterate through integrating the fundamental text and mathematics with interactive Jupyter outputs for a well-rounded learning experience.


I'm just amazed about the links we can have between Jupyter Notebooks and articles + versions, it's amazing!

PhD Student

Now I start to love Curvenote. Using my home PC instead of my work PC, fire up Jupyter, copy oxa:link, and having the notebook synced. Nice. Sort of GitHub on steroids for Notebooks.


Rowan and his team are developing this awesome collaborative platform that blends the Github, Latex, and Jupyter. I see their product has great potential for collaborative research and writing.