Curvenote offers a variety of tools and features you can use to create and personalize your content. The editor includes classic text editing and formatting features such as those options found in the editing toolbar. Markdown commands are recognized and available for easy inline text formatting and the addition of equations, code blocks and headings. A majority of these features and more, including citations, references, links and interactive components can seamlessly accessed via the inline command menu, by simply typing /. The following articles in this section detail the multitude of features and how to use them throughout Curvenote.

Command Menu & Shortcuts

Using the inline command menu / or keyboard shortcuts while editing your content you can add formatting features, equations, citations, internal references, links, interactive components and more! You may never need your mouse or trackpad again! See: Command Menu.

Markdown Accelerated Editing

Markdown commands are recognized throughout Curvenote and make it easy to include LaTeX\LaTeX equations and other formatting features. See: Markdown Accelerators.

Editing Toolbar

Classic text formatting features are available in the app bar at the top of the page when you are in draft mode for your content. Additional features are also available for embedding external content. See: Editing Toolbar.

Interactive Components

Curvenote allows you to define variables and interact with them using sliders and other interactive features which update your text in real time. See: Explorable Explanations.