One Click Publishing for Open Research Websites

Fast, continuous publishing workflows for modern continuous science

In this webinar, we walked through our one-click publishing features in Curvenote’s visual scientific editor which is accessible via your web browser at

We show how you can easily publish and update scientific and technical content, manuscripts, and Jupyter Notebooks in a fast interactive site within a couple of minutes. Then with a little configuration via the user interface add rich metadata including authors, affiliations, open access badges, GitHub repositories, and clear licensing over content and code.

Watch the recording of the webinar below ūüĎá

The video thumbnail has been placed right over the publishing button ūüėĘ. We‚Äôll be aware of that for future webinars but here‚Äôs a screenshot of our Publish button in action, to show you what you are missing in the recording.

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Getting Started¶

To start writing and publishing online simply sign up for a Curvenote account. It’s completely free and you can publish projects to as many subdomains as you need. If you need a custom domain setup or are looking to integrate with another website get in touch.