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The project sidebar helps with organizing all of the documents in your project. You, collaborators, and public viewers can navigate through your project’s content in variety of ways.

#Organizing Project Content

You can control the order of your project content. To do this:

  • Access your project
  • In the blue navigation panel to the left of your screen select, drag, and drop your article or notebook where you want it
  • Content can be ordered and or nested by dragging it up and down or left to right

#Navigating Project Content

Your project navigation panel view will vary depending on the project visibility settings and your status as a collaborator or public viewer. Content with a lock 🔒 next to it is not displayed to the public in the navigation panel. Learn more ➡️ Project Visibility; Managing Collaborators.

#Navigation Groups

You can add groups to your content by clicking on the + button at the bottom of the navigation bar.

#Quickly Create an Article

When you hover over a navigation item, a shortcut is shown to create a new article directly underneath an existing navigation item or edit the settings of that document. If the item is a group, then you will be able to edit the group title or delete the group through the edit modal.