After creating an article in Curvenote, you can export and download your document as a PDF using a variety of professional templates!

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Exit Draft Mode

Only a saved version of an article can be exported for download. If you are editing a draft you will need to exit draft mode (indicated in the footer👇) . Learn more Drafts & Versions

To export and download your article with the most recent changes made in draft mode:

  • Click SAVE VERSION in the header👆
    • This will create a new version of your article

To export and download the most recently saved version of your article - any changes made in draft mode will not be included:

  • Click STOP EDITING in the header👆
    • This will return you to a view of the last saved version of your article

Export and Download PDF

You can now export and download your article! To do this:

  • Click the download icon.
  • Click Export As.
  • Choose PDF format
    • Click Next.
  • Select a Template.
    • Hover over the thumbnail on the left for an expanded preview of the template layout.
    • Click Select.
  • Complete the template specific instructions for Template Options.
    • Each template has a variety of required and optional options to include such as author name, affiliation, email, etc. Learn more Template Options.
    • Click Next.
    • Other requirements such as abstracts and acknowledgements use tagged content. Learn more Tagging Blocks.
  • Click EXPORT.
  • Your article export is now processing.
    • You can exit the window during processing. You will notified when your export is complete.
  • To download your PDF:
    • In the original Exports pop-up:
      • Click the ☁️⬇️ icon.
    • If you have closed the pop-up:
      • Click the download icon**:**.
      • Select \textcircled{\checkmark} Download PDF.
    • You can also download the log file for the PDF export.
  • Your exported article will be available for download by you or any of your collaborators until you save a new version.
    • You will need to repeat this process for that version.