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Curvenote is a writing tool for scientists, researchers and engineers.
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Designed For:

Papers & Reports
Jupyter Notebooks

“The more I use Curvenote the more I love it! They are building the future of academic authoring.”

Arin Basu
Professor of Epidemiology & Environmental Health
University of Canterbury

“The beginning of something really special in scientific publishing!”

Brian Burnham
Research Fellow
University of Aberdeen

Write once, export to any template.

Curvenote allows you to export to any professional PDF or LaTeX template.
No more reformatting to submit to a different journal.

Microsoft Word

Designed for more than paper.

Build rich interactive publications and PDF documents, without any extra work.

Any interactive chart that you create in Jupyter can be shared on Curvenote, the figures remain interactive, can be exported to various formats, and comments sync between your articles and notebooks.

Any reference in Curvenote can be clicked on or hovered over to show more information about the reference without loosing context. Great for figure and equation references!

You can include other content including complex applications like Bokeh or Dash apps from your Jupyter environment. These embed all of the data and create interactive articles.

Versioned & Collaborative

Edit with your collaborators in real-time or see all the versions later.

Curvenote is built on a powerful version-control system that allows you to version paragraphs, equations or figures independently.

Add comments to any Curvenote block.

Instant Citations

Instantly add citations with our inline command menu, simply drag and drop to reorder.

You can import from a DOI or just bring in references from Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote and more.

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Create citations easily in Curvenote
Jump into latex when you need it, and hide it when you don't.

LaTeX only when you need it

Drop into a powerful LaTeX math editor exactly when you need it. Automatic equation numbering and internal referencing all work out of the box.

Simply hover over the equation reference and you can see the linked equation instantly.

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Connect directly to Jupyter

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