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Add comments & versioning in real-time to your Jupyter Notebooks, without changing your infrastructure.
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Works With Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Notebooks

Comments for Jupyter

Add a comment in Curvenote, and it shows up wherever you are using Jupyter.

Whether you’re working locally, on your custom cluster or hub, or on the cloud with Binder, Amazon Sagemaker, Saturn Cloud — Curvenote is there.

Comments between Jupyter and Curvenote stay in sync!

Notebook Version Control

All content, shared anywhere, remains connected to the source it came from, with a full version history – including the outputs.

Figures and interactive elements used in multiple places are all updated when the source changes.

Easily see the difference between versions directly inline.

“By far the most interesting feature for me is being able to share interactive plots and comment on them, it has streamlined my review process to no end!”

Wesley Banfield
Wesley Banfield
Software Engineer

“An awesome collaborative platform that blends Github, LaTeX, and Jupyter. Curvenote has great potential for collaborative research and writing.”

Jiajia Sun
Jiajia Sun
Professor of Geophysics
University of Houston

Sync your Jupyter Notebook to Curvenote and every cell can show you the history and difference per cell. This includes saving the outputs, and the difference from previous versions are shown directly in-line with the rest of your notebook.

Share your Jupyter Notebook on Curvenote to enable commenting and versioning for everyone, including your non-technical stakeholders.

Once you save your Jupyter Notebook, you can reuse outputs or other cells in any Curvenote article. When you update your Notebook, the cell used in any other place also updates!

GetTing Started is Easy

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Curvenote offers browser extensions for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. They work with your Jupyer Notebook or JupyterLab no matter where they are hosted.

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Chrome and Microsoft Edge
Curvenote Jupyter Extension - Showing Versioning of Notebooks

Sync your notebook

Save your notebook in a single click and share with anyone in your team or project. Comments and versions work for notebooks and individual cells.

Share & Collaborate

When you reuse your Jupyter outputs or figures in other Curvenote documents, you can easily keep everything up to date, interactive, and reproducible.

Notebook commenting on interactive plots in Curvenote

Supercharge how you share Jupyter Notebooks