Today we are thrilled to announce a new brand and website for Curvenote. Our team has been hard at work over the past eight months, and for those of you following our journey, you know a lot has changed. We wanted our new identity to represent and showcase the core ideas of reuse and modularity behind Curvenote as well as lean into and embrace the dualities in scientific communication. From creative exploration to structured communication; simple and complex; individual and collective. Our goal is to give scientists and researchers the creative freedom to explore ideas, while also ensuring compatibility with scientific standards.

The new Curvenote brand!

Figure 1:The new Curvenote brand!

The Curvenote brand embodies aspects of reuse, modularity and the connections behind ideas through building blocks that provide structure and can also be pulled apart, rearranged and used in unique ways.

We believe that our new brand will grow with us over the next several years as we introduce tools and workflows to reimagine scientific communication and collaboration. We have also been giving a lot of thought to our new website, take a look around and let us know what you think!

The new Curvenote website!

Figure 2:The new Curvenote website!