Document Outline & Documentation

Week of June 13, 2022

Document Outline

This week we released a document outline view, which shows all of the headers on the page. This can be accessed from the navigation and can toggle between all project documents and the list of headers on the document you are currently viewing. As a part of these changes you can also open/close the project thumbnail to give yourself more room to see the outline of long documents.

New document outline to show titles in the document.

Figure 1:New document outline to show titles in the document.

Docs, docs, docs!

We are gearing up for a wider release of our command-line tools next week with a webinar, and then wider on our marketing pages. This has meant a lot of our time has been going in to tutorials and reference materials as we learn from users how they are working, and where they get hung up. It is exciting to see the types of sites that folks are already deploying to improve science communication.

Various sites published with Curvenote.

Figure 2:Various sites published with Curvenote.

We missed a week of our weeknotes last week for posting our progress and updates, but we are back on track now!