Curvenote Joins Forces with Scholar Nexus to Revolutionize Scholarly Publishing

Curvenote, a cutting-edge platform for writing and publishing, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Scholar Nexus (https://​​scholar​​.nexus), initially incubated by Neuromatch, in a pioneering initiative aimed at transforming the outdated scholarly publishing system. Scholar Nexus is poised to reshape the landscape of scientific publishing by embracing the principles of open science, scholarly-led infrastructure, reproducibility, and an exceptional user experience.

Scholar Nexus’ vision for a scholar-owned, open publishing platform aligns perfectly with Curvenote's commitment to empowering scientists in the age of open science. By leveraging the expertise of both organizations, this partnership will create an ecosystem that supports reproducible research and opens new avenues for peer-review and collaboration.

“The time has come for researchers to regain control of publishing” commented Nick Halper, who leads the nonprofit Neuromatch and is a co-founder of Scholar Nexus. “By partnering with Curvenote and their open-source editing and reading components we can collectively build an open publishing system that fosters collaboration, encourages innovation, and enables free access to knowledge for all. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to a democratic publishing system, owned and controlled by a consortium of scholars and libraries.”

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Rowan Cockett, CEO and co-founder of Curvenote, expressed his excitement, stating, “At Curvenote, we have always been dedicated to providing scientists with the tools they need to foster open and reproducible research. Our partnership with the Scholar Nexus team is a significant milestone in our journey, as it allows us to collaborate with an amazing team who share our passion for revolutionizing scholarly publishing. Together, we will empower researchers, enhance accessibility, and promote scientific discoveries that truly benefit humanity.”

Professor Dan Goodman from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, and a co-founder of Scholar Nexus, expressed his support, remarking, “Our vision is to build a modern, inclusive, and delightful scholarly publishing system based on principles of common ownership, free access, open and reusable content, and a focus on an outstanding user experience.”

Scholar Nexus (https://​​scholar​​.nexus) will eliminate financial barriers, encourage collaboration, and provide workflows for writing, reading, editing, and reviewing scientific content. The platform will provide a foundational database and support multiple user-facing applications called pillars, that enable all scholarly communities to store, edit, review and access common content in ways that are tailored to their disciplines. The open-source foundation will develop high-quality components that can be assembled by all scholarly communities to foster third-party innovation and customization under the governance of a group of university libraries and academics.

Professor Ila Fiete from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, also a co-founder of Scholar Nexus, commended the partnership, stating, “As scientists, we understand the importance of rapid and user-friendly publishing platforms that enable high-quality communication and feedback. This collaboration presents an incredible opportunity to build a new vision of publishing that actively promotes scientific discovery by rewarding scientists for participating in peer review and creates a delightful experience for all aspects of authorship, reading, and review.”

Dr. Mike Morrison, Lead User Experience Researcher at Curvenote, emphasized how the better publishing experience will change scientists’ lives, saying, “We all know what publishing new science should feel like: fast, rewarding, and collaborative. And most of us in science know how frustratingly far the current publishing system is from that feeling. With ScholarNexus' experience in social engineering and Curvenote's mastery of new publishing technologies, and a shared focus on the user experience, we’re actively building the dream.”

The time is right to fix scholarly publishing both socially and technologically. The Curvenote and Scholar Nexus partnership heralds a new era of scholarly publishing, where open science, scholarly-led infrastructure, reproducibility, and user experience take center stage. By combining their expertise and shared vision, these organizations are poised to revolutionize how scientific knowledge is created, shared, and accessed, ultimately driving research progress and benefitting society as a whole.

Read more about the vision behind Scholar Nexus and sign up for updates as we work openly to design and develop the platform:


About Curvenote (https://​​curvenote​​.com):

Curvenote is a pioneering publishing platform and writing tool designed for scientists in the age of open science. With a focus on reproducibility and seamless integration with data and computation, Curvenote empowers researchers to create interactive journal articles and enhance the accessibility and impact of their work.

Media Contact:

Dr. Rowan Cockett, CEO of Curvenote

About Neuromatch (https://​​neuromatch​​.io):

Neuromatch is a global non-profit movement dedicated to democratizing science and promoting equitable participation in research. Their mission is to provide education, networking, and scientific communication opportunities to people worldwide, with a focus on connecting individuals and breaking down traditional barriers in scientific networks. By developing a non-profit open publishing platform, Neuromatch seeks to promote open science, facilitate collaboration, and eliminate barriers that hinder scientific progress.

Media Contact:

Nick Halper, CEO of Neuromatch, co-founder of Scholar Nexus


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