Curvenote Unveils Product for Teams

For Enhanced Collaboration and Access Control in Research and Data Science

Curvenote, a company revolutionizing scientific communication and collaboration, is excited to announce the launch of Curvenote Teams. This new product offering builds upon the success of Curvenote Pro, providing teams and organizations with an additional layer of collaboration and access control to manage contributions from both internal team members and external collaborators effectively.

Curvenote Teams is tailored to meet the needs of lab groups, private research teams, data science groups, and other organizational use cases. It enables multiple interactive websites to be built and managed, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among team members, while maintaining the security and integrity of the work.

Dr. Rowan Cockett, CEO and co-founder of Curvenote, states, “Curvenote Teams is a natural extension of our vision to empower scientists and researchers with the tools and workflows necessary for efficient and effective collaboration. We’ve listened to our users, and we’re thrilled to deliver a product that addresses the unique challenges faced by organizations in managing research projects and data science initiatives.”

Steve Purves, CTO and co-founder of Curvenote, adds, “With Curvenote Teams, organizations can now easily manage access control and contributions for multiple projects, ensuring that the right people have the appropriate level of access at all times. This new offering is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and addressing the evolving needs of our users.”

Key features of Curvenote Teams include:

  • Centralized account and website management for organizations
  • Customizable access control for team members and external collaborators
  • Streamlined collaboration and communication across multiple projects
  • Seamless integration with existing Curvenote Pro tools and workflows

The introduction of Curvenote Teams marks another significant milestone in Curvenote’s mission to reimagine scientific communication and collaboration. As the company continues to innovate and develop new solutions, it remains committed to supporting open science, reproducibility, and exceptional user experiences for scientists and researchers worldwide.

To learn more about Curvenote Teams and how it can revolutionize your organization’s research and data science initiatives, visit the Curvenote website at

About Curvenote: Curvenote is a company dedicated to improving scientific communication and collaboration through innovative technology solutions. With a commitment to open science, reproducibility, and user experience, Curvenote’s products empower scientists and researchers to collaborate efficiently and effectively. For more information, visit

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