We help scientific journals get ready for what's next.

Tailored publishing systems & automation for scientific journals — we’re the leaders in creating publishing systems for next-generation computational notebooks.

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Some of our work

Give your authors and readers a state-of-the-art reading and publishing experience, so new science can reach the people who need it sooner.

American Geophysical Union

We're helping the American Geophysical Union accept computational notebook publications, and developed innovative publishing and quality control systems.

Microscopy Society of America

The Microscopy Society of America already created many amazing computational notebooks, and needed a system to organize them and publish new ones.


Physiome creates reproducible models of research published in traditional PDF journals — we helped upgrade their reading experience, SEO, and moderation tools.

Large Journals
We can help you automate typesetting and JATS conversion. And publish notebooks!
Startup Journals
Offer a reading and publishing experience that sets you apart from even the biggest journals.
Private Repositories
Organize your tools into notebooks that integrate how-to narrative and live analysis.

Want to offer computational notebook publishing?

Computational notebooks are the future of scientific publishing, and we’ve lead the charge on their development and best practices for their publishing.

Upgrade your reading experience.

A PDF alone isn't enough anymore. We help journals publish papers in many formats, from HTML to notebooks to social media cards.

Interactive charts
Ask the data questions and focus on a region of interest.
Hover cross references
See Figure 2 right where it's referenced. No scrolling needed.
So you don't have to go hunt for where the authors defined Special Term (ST) on page 2.
Light mode / dark mode
More accessible, and more comfortable for late nights in the lab.

Save money & time with automated publishing 🤖

Curvenote journals can dramatically reduce the time it takes to submit and quality control a paper, making your journal a better experience for both authors and staff.

Automatic checks
We can perform dozens of automatic quality control checks on papers.
Instant typesetting in PDF and HTML
Format articles to fit your branded template in PDF and HTML automatically — so fast that authors can see their paper with your brand during submission.
Automatic conversion to JATS
JATS conversion is an important but often expensive part of publishing articles on sites like PubMed. We can lower the cost of this conversion.
Accept LaTeX, Markdown, Jupyter Notebooks, and traditional Word Files*
Publishing articles written in a variety of formats, from simple Word docs to computational notebooks.

Frequently asked questions

Can you integrate with our existing journal management software?

Yes! Typically, we're able to hook-in to whatever quality control and peer review sotwares you're using now, and have worked with major systems like eJournalPress before.

How are you able to eliminate author submission forms?

In short, we can extract things like titles and authors accurately from the article file, so we don't need to ask authors to re-type that information.

"We can help you out-compete other journals with a better user experience, lower operating cost, and faster article turnaround time.

— Dr. Rowan Cockett, CEO @ Curvenote

Let's make your journal state-of-the-art

Computational notebooks are the future of scientific publishing, and we’re pioneering the best practices for publishing them.

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