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  • Automated typesetting
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🎉Big news: Curvenote helps Physiome become the first scientific journal powered by open-source MyST Markdown. Read the press release, or watch this YouTube short.

Open Source

Curvenote Journals are built with MyST, an open-source project curated by Executable Books. Curvenote has partnered with MyST and ExecutableBooks to ensure that improvements we make to Curvenote Journals are open, accessible, and benefit everyone – helping move humanity towards open-science.

Offer a better experience than other journals...

Interactive figures
Curvenote’s seamless Jupyter notebook integration lets authors combine narrative and code to demonstrate their models.
Beautiful automatic typesetting
No need to hire typesetters. A beautiful article template that auto-applies to all articles.
Easy Open Access licenses
You choose which creative commons license (e.g., CC-BY) should apply to your articles
Made for the web
Articles that your readers can browse from their phone, and that are easier for Google to find.
Multiple submission options
Authors can submit in MyST Markdown, Jupyter notebooks, LaTeX, or MS Word.

Lower operating cost, competitive features

A new leap in efficiency brought to you buy Curvenote and MyST open source markup

Less overhead
Get authors through the publishing pipeline faster, without juggling so many different files.
Publish notebooks
Easily accept articles that include computation (via Jupyter notebooks) and narrative.
Faster article turnaround time
No need for typesetting or dealing with different article formats. Curvenote handles that.
Out-engage other journals
Interactive figures, executable code, and easy-to-explore references.
Higher-impact articles
HTML-first articles with machine-readable output are more discoverable by Google.
A journal for the future
Curvenote is building the future of the scientific article, and all our upgrades come to you.

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