How To
MyST Websites

Custom Domains

You can use Curvenote to host any custom domain that you own, for example a personal blog, lab-website, or journal. Note that custom domains are a feature of the Curvenote Pro plan (see plans).

Update DNS

🛠️ Navigate to your domain’s DNS configuration, and add the following CNAME record:

Host nameTypeTTLData

🛠️ Add this domain to your site configuration under the domains: list. You can also keep the original domains in there if you wish.


Once you have completed that step, send an email with the domain and we will ensure it is setup on our side. This will be automated in the future! 🤖

🛠️ Email and include:

  • domain name (e.g.
  • Curvenote username or team name that owns this domain (e.g. rowanc1)

🛠️ Redeploy your site using curvenote deploy

You will not be able to complete this step if the domain is not configured by us! Once successful, you will see the domain(s) that you are deploying to in the list, and check that your domain is now visible at your custom subdomain.

Naked Domains

At this time Curvenote does not support naked domains (e.g., instead you can redirect your naked domain to a www subdomain and then point that to using the CNAME method above. For Google Domains, you can see their documentation here.