Curvenote is accepted into Y Combinator to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery

Curvenote, a platform for building, remixing, sharing, and exploring scientific content, has been accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program for Winter 2021.

Curvenote’s platform offers a new approach to writing, sharing, and reusing scientific content, connecting the building blocks of documents to their computational origins. This enables documents to remain linked and interactive, enabling interrogation, adaptation, organization, and extension of ideas. The platform uses small, meaningful “blocks” of content that track versioning, licensing, and attribution, which can be composed into traditional, linear documents or pulled apart and rearranged.

“We are thrilled to be accepted into Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 cohort,” said Dr. Rowan Cockett, CEO and co-founder of Curvenote. “This is an incredible opportunity to work with other talented entrepreneurs and receive mentorship from some of the best in the industry. Our vision is to accelerate the speed, relevance, and accessibility of scientific discovery by transforming the way we share scientific knowledge.”

Steve Purves, CTO, and co-founder of Curvenote added, "We are already seeing scientists on Curvenote keeping lab-group meeting notes, writing reports that can be shared inside their companies, reproducing research papers, writing computational textbooks, and sharing reproducible data-science visualizations. We want to make it easy for scientists to share their work and collaborate with others, regardless of their computational abilities, to build on existing research, and accelerate the pace of scientific discovery.”

The founders of Curvenote have a strong vision for the future of scientific communication, with the aim of making research more open, accessible and supporting reproducibility. “The way that science is shared has not been substantially updated in 250 years,” said Rowan. “We believe that Curvenote can change that and bring scientific communication into the digital age.”

Curvenote is currently in beta, and the team plans to use the Y Combinator program to further develop and refine their platform. “We are excited to be part of the Y Combinator community and look forward to working with our mentors to take Curvenote to the next level,” said Steve.

Curvenote’s acceptance into Y Combinator is a testament to the platform’s potential to transform the way scientific research is shared. With its innovative approach to scientific writing and collaboration, Curvenote is poised to become a leading player in the world of scientific communication.

About Curvenote: Curvenote is a platform for building, remixing, sharing, and exploring scientific content. Curvenote’s approach to open science and reproducibility is user-focused, making it easy for scientists to share their work and collaborate with others, regardless of their computational abilities. Curvenote was founded in 2019 by Dr. Rowan Cockett and Steve Purves and is based in Canada.

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