Creating & Sharing Scientific Websites


We were excited to help support the Transform 2022 conference this year, and work to showcase a lot of the amazing science that is going on in the subsurface geoscience community.

We gave two lightning talks at the event, one on a demo of deploying a scientific website in 4.5 minutes ⏲️ , and a talk on some highlights that Steve wanted to share from the Force11 Conference that we sponsored in 2021.

Create a scientific website in 5 min! ⏱

In three easy steps:

  1. 🧱 Have content & notebooks: curvenote init
  2. ⌨️ Work locally with markdown: curvenote start
  3. 🌍 Share it with the world: curvenote deploy

I actually got the full demo done in 2 minutes and 54 seconds. 🚀

N things I learned at Force11

See the original blog post on Steve Purves blog. Some of the points that he covers are:

So much amazing work going on in the community!