In this tutorial we will customize the site locally and make a permanent deployment:

  1. Install the Curvenote CLI
  2. Clone your GitHub repo
  3. Follow the tutorial: Start with a local folder
  4. Get an API Key
  5. Setup deployment from GitHub

Quickly Sharing Research Materials

Launchpad will work with any repository containing Markdown files .md and Jupyter Notebooks .ipynb, automatically builds a Table of Contents and infers titles for pages within the website.

Choose your index file

The homepage or root of each website is taken from a single file in the repository, in the following priority order (case insensitive):

  3. any other .md file
  4. index.ipynb
  5. readme.ipynb
  6. any other .ipynb file

Typically, a repository will contain a, which will often be used as the homepage by default. To change this, provide alternate content in a file.

Using subdirectories

Launchpad will decend into subfolders in order to find .md and .ipynb files to add to your website, and will reflect the folder structure in the site’s Table of Contents . If you are free to adjust your repository’s layout, you may do so to create a nicer Table of Contents for your website.

For example, the following folder structure:


will result in the following Table of Contents:

Improving titles in the table of contents

The titles for items in the Table of Contents will be determined from file headings where possible, and eventually, fall back to the filename. Top-level headings will be used for the title where they are found i.e. # My Heading, In Jupyter Notebooks only top-level headings in the first cell will be used.

In both cases, choose a top-level heading that will make sense in your Table of Contents. For repositories with many notebooks, for best results avoid starting each with top-level headings such as Setup or Introduction and use the top-level heading to represent the title of the notebook. In addition, making good use of the markdown heading hierarchy in any file, will result in a nice document outline being generated for that page on your website.

Using frontmatter

To get even further control over how your .md files and Juptyer Notebooks are rendered, you can add Frontmatter to them and use this to display license information, links, DOIs and more. See Frontmatter on how to do this, and the fields available.