Curvenote provides a free domain for your sites, on a * subdomain, so that you can easily share your work. There are two sub-domain patterns available that allow you to deploy multiple sites at the same time:

  •; or

You can deploy and integrate together projects across multiple sites.

Setting up a Curvenote Project

You can configure the domains your project will deploy to through the Curvenote site settings in your Project Settings. These configuration options will be synced when you pull or clone your project.

Curvenote Site Configuration for setting subdomains.

Figure: 1Curvenote Site Configuration for setting subdomains.

Once you have configured your project domains, you can save your article and click the publish button in the top right navigation. This will take a few seconds to publish the site, and then you can share your work using a blazing fast site with all of your content on it!

Publish your Curvenote project in a single click.

Figure: 2Publish your Curvenote project in a single click.


When working through the command-line, domains can be added to your list in your curvenote.yml:

version: 1

When you call curvenote deploy each of these domains will have the latest changes. You can also put Custom Domains in here, although that requires more work to setup initially.

Team Domains

A team behaves the same way as a user, and can deploy sites to:

  •; or

The security for deploying these is controlled by anyone that can create a project.